This system uses electricity from photovoltaic (PV) panels to power a pump installed in a borehole or any available water source. Solar Water Pumping Systems replace grid power and diesel generators that are conventionally used to provide energy with the major advantage of hugely reduced O & M costs.

A 21kw solar water scheme in Anaka, pumping 10m3, installed by TASS under Ministry of Water project.

Gomba water scheme:  community fetching clean water from a tap stand installed by TASS.

Other sites with similar water schemes installed in Uganda include;

  • Lwakonge Valley Tank (Kiboga District) – 60,000 liters/day
  • Kanamba small scale irrigation scheme (Mityana District) – 60,000 liters/day
  • Kanyantama small scale irrigation scheme (Bushenyi District) – 40,000 liters/day
  • Nambula (Namutumba District) – 22,920 liters/day
  • Oukot (Serere District) – 6,000 liters/day
  • Lorengchora (Napak District) – 12,240 liters/day
  • Kachonga (Bukedea District) – 22,800 liters/day
  • Cucu (Nakapiripirit District) – 28,200 liters/day