Solar Lanterns

By December 21, 2018 January 14th, 2019 Projects

According to statistics by the Electricity Regulatory Authority, close to 80% of Ugandans still do not have access to electricity. Even those that do have access to electricity are affected by irregularities like load-shedding. This irregular access to electricity hinders many aspects of Ugandans’ lives, including security and business. Outdoor businesses that function at night are especially adversely affected. The government has plans of increasing access to electricity across the country over the next 10 years, but there needs to be an immediate solution. In this regard, TASS has made the decision to distribute solar lanterns made by the Communications and Accessories (CAA).

At TASS, we pride ourselves on making genuine products that live up to their product definition. There is currently an influx of fake “solar” lanterns that are not actually solar-powered and need to be charged from the grid. It is easy to identify these by their very low cost, due to their lack of solar functionality. TASS’ solar lanterns are of high quality and boast these benefits:

  • they are indeed solar, which means that they are powered by the sun, ergo there is no need to be on the grid to charge it up
  • they use ABS housing, which essentially means that they are extra tough and hard so you can be guaranteed that they won’t break easily
  • they give off a much brighter light than the traditional lanterns or candles, which means that you would not need a large amount to safely light up your home
  • The lanterns also come with multiple-phone chargers, meaning that they do more than providing you with light but also help you to stay connected.