Masaka Street Lights

By January 11, 2019 January 14th, 2019 Projects

The municipality of Masaka in Uganda was previously not sufficiently lit, causing preventable incidents such as car accidents at night, and the streets were unsafe for pedestrians. With Masaka’s vibrant market that is still operational well after the sun goes down, it was clear that not only street lights, but also market lights in Masaka were very much needed. However, it was also important that these new street and market lights be efficient, cost minimising and effective, and above all else, reliable. In March of 2016, the Ugandan Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the World Bank signed TASS on as the main contractor to supply efficient, cost effective and reliable street and market lights.

Over the duration of the year, from March 2016 to April 2017, TASS successfully increased the lighting in the municipality of Masaka by up to 70% through this partnership with the World Bank and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development. Using parts garnered from trusted partners of TASS in Eurasia, as well as harnessing local content with foremen and engineering talent of TASS employees, TASS was able to erect around 700 light with both single and double armed mounts throughout the municipality of Masaka.