If we are to install a solar system in a rural area, how do we ensure that the people using it are going to be able to maintain it properly.

TASS engineers are responsible for training the end users on how to use the systems that we install. We also give guidance on cleaning and other simple maintenance procedures.

What happens on cloudy days and during rainy seasons? Shall I get enough power?

These days, the solar technology has advanced so that we are able to get the batteries charged even with a limited amount of sunlight.

What does it cost to install a solar system?

This depends on what you need the energy for. Needs may include lighting, refrigeration, and so on. Depending on your needs, home solar installations will range from between XXX amount to XXXX amount.

If the system is installed in a rural area, far from any maintenance engineers. How do I maintain it?

Solar panels are made to last for a very long time. Ideally they do not need a lot of maintenance work apart from cleaning them regularly. Otherwise, our troubleshooting (link to troubleshooting page) page may offer some helpful insights on things to look out for in case of an interruption in the supply and simple procedures to try and fix the problem.

How do you keep solar equipment from rusting?

Solar structures and frames are made of aluminum which is resistant to rust. The cover is made of glass.

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