Corporate Social Responsibility

A happier society with a healthier environment

As a company, we carry a great sense of responsibility for society but also the environment. We find the perfect balance in using innovative and sustainable energy solutions to combat some of our society’s most taxing issues including lack of access to clean water and poverty. Renewable energy is clean and non-polluting to the environment as it does not emit any greenhouse gases both in production and usage. It is cheaper for both rural and urban communities and requires low maintenance.

Investing in renewable energy such as solar and ensuring energy for all is indeed creating a happier society with a healthier environment.

Transforming lives by what we do

Since our start in 2002, it is our strong passion for transforming lives and communities that has fueled our mission and seen us transform over 150 rural and urban communities across Africa. We have changed countless lives by constructing boreholes, solar powered irrigations systems for local farmers, solar powered piped water schemes, supplying health centers with photovoltaic energy packages, installation of solar street lights, and so many more.

Giving Back

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

We gladly consider it our duty to make a positive impact on society even outside our primary services. We are therefore always looking for more opportunities to do so.  We have and continue to run different campaigns like blood drives and make various donations to different foundations such as the Kasubi tombs where we gave a donation of USD 100,000 for their Mini grid system reinstated by us.

The pictures from the blood drive 2019 are shown in the table below.

The Managing Director Donating Blood

A TASS Employee Donating Blood

The TASS Team

Community Members Donating Blood

Solar Panels On Display

A Community Business Owner (In Yellow) Demonstrating Her Own Solar Products to TASS Members

TASS Team Members Pose In front Of The Solar Panels.

Setting Up The PV Disconnect Switch For The Solar Panels

Solar Pump To Demonstrate To Community Members How It Works.